Bolero Jacket w/ Collar
A great leather jacket that can be worn anywhere. Leather, lined in polyester.
Sizes XS-XL LR-JKT-501 $195

Leather Shrug
An elegant addition to any outfit; not lined.
Sizes XS-XL LR-JKT-510 $120

Leather Sleeves
A sexy addition, leather sleeves laced down the arms.
Sizes S/M or L/XL LR-JKT-515 $135

The Succubus Jacket
A very exotic looking Leather Bolero Jacket, a 3/4 sleeve with exaggerated cuffs and rhinestone adornment, a half Mandarin collar; polyester lined. Rhinestones are available in clear, red, black, or light purple.
Sizes XS-XL LR-JKT-535 $225