Chains Bra
My best seller! Leather bra, snaps in front, buckles around the back. The neck with two chains drapes below each cup.
  LR-BRA-235 $85

Plain Bra
Leather bra with adjustable buckled neck strap. Buckles behind the back.
Cup Size A-D LR-BRA-230 $75

Studded Bra
Available with a solid front or 2 snaps, leather bra with adjustable halter style neck strap.
Cup Size A-D LR-BRA-233 $85

Four Chain Bra
My bra design, adorned with four flowing chains under each cup; available with a solid front or 2 snap closure.
Cup Size A-D LR-BRA-236 Solid Front ♦ $92
LR-BRA-237 Two Snaps ♦ $92

Succubus Bra
Elegant lines and not only a great fit, but a great look. Leather bra with front snap closure. Rhinestones are available in clear, red, black, or light purple.
Cup Size A-D LR-BRA-241 Studding ♦ $95
LR-BRA-242 Rhinestones ♦ $100