Kaitlyn's Cuffs
Leather strap snaps around the ankle with one chain under the shoe and two on top of the foot. Regular fits 9" ankle and Long fits 10" ankle.
  LR-KC-071 Round Spots ♦ $50
LR-KC-072 Pyramid Spots ♦ $55
LR-KC-073 Cone Spots ♦ $55
LR-KC-076 Rings ♦ $55

Gladiator Cuffs
A 1" leather strap that snaps around the ankle and has a leather strap with chain drapes. Rhinestones are available in clear, red, black, or light purple.
  LR-GLAD-080 Round Spots ♦ $40
LR-GLAD-081 ½" Spikes ♦ $45
LR-GLAD-082 Rhinestones ♦ $55