In the early 1980's, while in the Army, I learned how to stamp patterns in belts. Later, I learned how to make knife sheaths and then holsters. In 1992, while in grad school in New York, I had a dancer friend who wanted to a white leather bikini to go with a studded white leather bolero jacket she had. I told her I had seen a pattern, so I bought some white leather, cut one out and mailed it to my mom with sewing instructions. The next time I returned to Ohio, I picked up the bikini and my friend bought it. Then her friend said, "make me one, too".....that's how the business got started. Now, 24 years later, I design my own clothing patterns and fashions. I still like to make belts, holsters (both pistol and cell phone) and knife sheaths. I make about 95% of what I sell; there a just a few accessories I buy.